SFC Angel Fund

SFC Angel Fund
The SFC Angel Fund is dedicated to sophisticated investors looking to invest under SEIS and EIS. Fund investors will receive shares in a diversified portfolio of at least 10-15 disruptive companies operating across various sectors from Artificial Intelligence to Consumer Goods and selected out of more than 2,000 candidates reviewed every year by SFC.

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SFC invests in passionate entrepreneurs and helps them build market leading companies to deliver significant returns to investors.

We are pioneers of SEIS/EIS, having launched one of the first SEIS funds in 2013/14 and have since invested in over 160 companies in the UK, making the SFC Angel Fund the most active ‘Seed’ fund in the UK according to Pitchbook Data.

SFC invests across all sectors and regions of the UK in order to maximise returns and diversify investors’ portfolios. We review thousands of companies every year and invest in the top 1%. 

Our Fund is supported by an award-winning syndicate of 500+ business angels who bring additional capital and expertise. The SFC Syndicate is one of the most active angel networks in the UK and was named angel network of the year twice in 2016 and 2017.

The SFC Angel Fund has an SEIS and a EIS component. The SFC Angel Fund SEIS will be deployed in a portfolio of early-stage companies raising their first funding round, while the SFC Angel Fund EIS Fund will invest in some of the best performers coming out of our SEIS portfolio as well as new more 'mature' opportunities.

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The world's first pay-as-you-grow eCommerce platform.
Raising £150,000 SEIS/EIS