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We are award-winning early-stage investors looking to invest in disruptive businesses.

01About us

Startup Funding Club is a leading organisation in the UK early stage investment world that provides seed capital and support to promising British startups. By combining our award-winning angel syndicate with our own seed investment funds, we have created a unique model that allows business angels to invest in high-potential startups either directly or through a diversified portfolio approach curated and managed by our team.

02Our philosophy

Startup company making a speech
Startup company making a speech
We are a ‘people business’ and work with entrepreneurs and investors in a personal and direct way. Our goal is to find the right balance between the two parties in order to achieve successful investments. Our selection criteria for startups are simple: We are looking for teams that combine experience, expertise, and the right mindset to bring forward the ground-breaking products and services they are building. We follow two main rules in our investment strategy – diversifying by investing across all sectors and syndicating investments from multiple sources.

03We invested in

Cognism Case Study

Cognism is a machine-learning platform for the real time curation of content and leads, turning news and social change into actionable sales opportunities. Formed in 2015 by lead entrepreneurs James Isilay and Stjepan Buljat, the company helps accelerate sales and recruitment leads. The team put in place an end-to- end sales-acceleration solution that provides sales organisations with a more efficient way to prospect. Since its inception, Cognism has closed multiple funding rounds and shown exceptional growth for its young age.

Transcend Packaging Case Study

With increasing pressure from consumers and governments to tackle plastic pollution and, more specifically, single-use plastics in packaging, the world is in need of eco-friendly innovators. In 2017, the team behind Transcend Packaging embarked on an ambitious mission to provide sustainable packaging solutions to customers in the food and beverage, confectionary, and health and beauty industries. The company has vowed to make that change through innovation and a commitment toward packaging products in an environmentally responsible manner, which has already attracted the attention of fast food giant McDonald’s amongst others.

Onfido Case Study

Onfido is an AI driven background check company founded by three Oxford University graduates in 2012. While still in pre-product, pre-revenue stage, the team raised over £100,000 of funding from Startup Funding Club’s Angel Network. Since then, the company has grown to have over a hundred employees, set its presence in the United States, and reached an annual turnover of £5M. With accounts such as Uber and airBnB, Onfido has quickly built its dominating position on the market and secured over £50M in funding, multiplying its original valuation by over 80 times.

04Fund investment opportunities

Investing in startups through funds allows for higher portfolio diversification, time saving, and hands-off involvement. SEIS and EIS funds also guarantee that investors will profit from the schemes’ tax benefits.
SFC Angel Fund SFC Angel Fund

SFC Angel Fund

Invest in the best performing companies coming out of the SFC stable.
Raising £10m SEIS/EIS

05Direct investment opportunities

Direct investment allows investors to cherry-pick the opportunities they are most interested in, negotiate the terms directly with entrepreneurs, and have a more hands-on approach. Startup Funding Club will assist in the process of investing in startups, and in round syndication.
Olly’s Olives Olly’s Olives

Olly’s Olives

The world’s freshest olive pouches and pots. Let the Olivelution begin.
eyeora eyeora


A SaaS real-time 3D room customised, pro VR content creator, events scheduler.
Raising £600,000 SEIS/EIS
Reallm Reallm


Business Intelligence tool for marketplaces using mass-scale simulation
Raising £300,000 SEIS/EIS
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Profit & Loss

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07Blog & News

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SFC Keeps up the momentum

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SFC partners with Chinese science park


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