Startup Funding Club raises funding for British fashion brand Banvard & James

Startup Funding Club raises funding for British fashion brand Banvard & James News

British fashion company Banvard & James raises £200K from Startup Funding Club’s network of international investors.

February has been an exciting time for the British fashion industry. London Fashion Week reassured the world once more that British fashion is still one to look up to. But while established names in the industry were on everyone’s radar, a newcomer was receiving an opportunity that could one day put it on that same radar.

That newcomer was Banvard & James, a London-based men’s fashion accessories brand who has just received an investment of £200K. The quantity was raised through Startup Funding Clubs award-winning network of international investors, proving once more that it is one of the most active in the UK. Startup Funding Club has been working with the brand since its early beginnings, and its team is now very excited for its growth prospects. Raising these funds was very important for the brand as they will be used to aid its fast-paced growth and its international expansion.

Banvard & James is a unique fashion brand that aims to exploit the gap in the fashion industry by developing a brand exclusively supplying high end men’s fashion accessories. Launched in 2013 by two brothers, the brand is inspired by London’s strong sartorial heritage and the vibrance of the current British design scene. Its designs combine traditional British fashion with a subtly colourful, modern twist.