Startup Funding Club leads follow-on SEIS round in Cluboid alongside Angel Investors


At Startup Funding Club, we are excited to announce that we have led a follow-on SEIS round into Cluboid Ltd! Cluboid is the UK’s most popular supplier of management software and solutions for the nightlife industry. The startup helps nightclubs and bars to effectively increase business by equipping them with an advanced customer relationship management software specifically designed for the industry. The software handles customer enquiries, bookings, ticketing and floor management and also provides automated marketing, analytics, and data collection.

The investment was made alongside experienced angel investors from SFC’s network, including the internal venture arm of the Potential group: Potential VC. This is a new kind of angel syndicate that builds, runs and owns a portfolio of private internet businesses that serve millions of people a day. The network invests in post-traction, pre-seed tech startups run by a diverse group of founders who at the heart of it, must be nice, have some semblance of a team, and an MVP in a market that they will (hopefully!) utterly dominate.

We hope that the funds raised by the nightlife industry experts will allow them to maintain the fast pace of growth that the company has achieved so far and further develop the technology and the business!