Startup Funding Club’s latest Investor Event in Mayfair was yet another success!

Startup Funding Club’s latest Investor Event in Mayfair was yet another success! Events

Five high-potential startups pitched their businesses at our latest Investor Event in Mayfair earlier this week – and they did great!

Last Monday 13th, Home House opened its doors to investors looking for new opportunities to support UK-based startups. The prestigious Mayfair club housed the latest edition of the Crocodile Lair, a popular format that not only provides great business opportunities  also as remarkable social gatherings for investors.

SFC’s COO, Angelika Burawska, welcomed the guests and briefly introduced Startup Funding Club and its mission to first-timers. Joseph Zipfel, the company’s Investment Manager, reminded the audience of the different ways in which they can support young businesses before proceeding to introduce five of the best upcoming companies that work with SFC:

Craved – curators of craft food and drink from independent British producers. Their ambition is to make food personal again and help producers thrive by allowing customers to easily discover the tastiest food and drink made near them.

Jupiter Diagnostics – their accurate blood test reader has the potential to replace the lab, being able to deliver multiple tests in 10 minutes for a lower cost.

Flicktek – the world’s first input device with the form factor of a watch strap or bracelet. Their technology is able to sense the finger movements, recognise a set of gestures, and transmit them as commands to your connected device.

Epicuri – a cloud-connected and mobile-ready blend of restaurant point-of-sale and guest management. It displaces fragmented, complicated and expensive product-sets and allows restaurants to finally have a single product to help them achieve exceed the potential of their restaurant floor.

Homegrown – a property crowdfunding platform that gives retail investors the opportunity to make equity investments in quality residential development projects and access target asset-backed returns.

Following these outstanding presentations, guests were offered refreshments and nibbles by the lovely staff at Home House. The event run until late at night, and provided an excellent opportunity for investors to meet the entrepreneurs behind the projects and further enquire about them.

Once more, we would like to thank everyone who joined us, from the amazing team at Home House to the presenters, guests, and our partners:

SFC Bennet Brooks – the quality accounting firm specialised in start-ups.

Stackhouse Poland – providers of insurance solutions tailored to your needs.

We hope everyone enjoyed the event. See you in our next one!

SFC Team