The monthly SFC Alumni Drinks have just begun!

The monthly SFC Alumni Drinks have just begun! Events

The last Monday of January marked the beginning of a new monthly tradition: The SFC Alumni Drinks!

Not happy with just providing funding and ad hoc support to startups, Startup Funding Club is trying to build a community of entrepreneurs formed by those startups that have received funding by either SFC Funds or by our network of business angels. The SFC Alumni monthly drinks are a new initiative to encourage collaboration between entrepreneurs in a relaxed and friendly environment, which was already palpable in its first edition.

Kicking off at 6pm, the event brought together startups from different industries ranging from fintech to food and drinks. To help build the familiar atmosphere, the event took place in a small restaurant next to our office, Casa Tua. The space offered a more intimate and relaxed air than our usual venues, and was perfect for the occasion. While some attendees already knew each other from previous gatherings, for others it was the first time meeting the family. Nonetheless, the welcoming atmosphere made it just as easy for them to engage in lively conversations with their peers.

The event had a great turnout, and went on until beyond the scheduled time. It left us all with a feeling more similar to that of a friends’ night out rather than a work event – even if half of the conversations started with ‘what is your startup about?’, and we hope to get a similar feeling with the ones to come! From Startup Funding Club we would like to thank all the alumni that joined us on Monday. We hope to see you all at our February SFC Alumni Drinks!