About T1Visa Funding

Startup Funding Club facilitates collaboration between companies that are looking for growth capital and overseas investors who want to live and work in the UK. One of the requirements for individuals who apply for UK T1 Investor Visa is to invest in a minimum of £200k in at least one British business. As a consequence of this investment, the company must create at least 2 new full-time work places, and should use the capital, skills and time of the investor to grow and potentially, expand internationally.

What you need to know about T1Visa Funding

T1 Visa Funding is an equity investment available to UK registered businesses. It is a part of the Visa Application process that an overseas investor starts in order to move to the UK. Though the investment process is more complex than in case of angel, fund or VC funding, it is an attractive option for many companies that are more established and looking to expand overseas. The most important aspects of T1 Visa Investment are:

  • Minimum investment is £200k and can be debt or equity
  • Investor becomes an employee and director of the company
  • The company is required to create 2 new full-time workplaces within 2 years
  • Investor's skills and background need to fit company's goals
  • Companies need to justify use of funds and Investor employment
  • Investment process usually takes 3 to 6 months

Benefits of T1Visa Funding


T1 Visa Funding should be attractive to companies that can't offer SEIS or EIS benefits to investors, but are looking for capital that can help them grow.


T1Visa investors have to be 'compatible' with the company, which means that in addition to capital, the investor must have the right skills, experience, networks, and industry knowledge.


T1Visa Funding is an international collaboration and investors will bring their connections and language skills to help company reach international markets.

T1V Investment Process Step by Step

Company Application

The first step is always our online application form where you provide us with some basic contact and business details and your pitch deck. You also need to justify why you're interested in this type of funding and how it will work in your business's case.

Direct Meeting

Direct Meeting is the second step of the screening process. At this stage we try to get to know you better, your motivation, business knowledge and your background. This is also an occasion for us to ask questions about your company and the industry you're in. Within a few days after the meeting you will know if we want to proceed or not and you will receive detailed feedback. You will also have the opportunity to find out more about the T1 requirements and processes.

Due Diligence

If we decide to proceed with your application after the meeting, and you're also interested in working with us, then the next thing is to complete the Due Diligence form that is later assessed by our team. Depending on the results of the DD check, we will suggest the best way to move forward.

Meeting with Investor

Once the Application Form and Basic Due Diligence folder are in place, your business details will become available to potential T1 Visa Investors. If we find a match, we will organise a meeting to discuss potential collaboration between your company and investor.

Negotiation Process

If you and the Investor want to proceed, the next step is to agree all the details of the investment, which includes, but is not limited to: Investment Agreement, Employment Agreement, Use of Funds, etc.


Once everything is agreed between the company and the T1V investor, the agreement has to be properly documented and submitted to the proper government body for review. This is the stage when the new investor learns quickly about the company.


The investor must pass the interview in their home country. The interview will investigate their motivation, plans, knowledge of the company and its industry, and details of collaboration with your business. A positive result means the beginning of a great partnership between the investor and your company, and the start of your new journey!