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Startup Funding Club (SFC) was formed in 2012 by Stephen Page and four experienced entrepreneurs and investors. Recognising the boom in numbers of exciting new startups in the UK and the difficulty in accessing seed funding, SFC has helped to plug this gap through the establishment of an eco-system of entrepreneurs and investors active in the UK startup community. SFC have experience in advising on SEIS funds, managing angel investment networks and sourcing overseas investment for early stage companies. In July 2016, SFC was awarded the “Lead Angel Syndicate of the Year” by the UK British Angels Association (UKBAA).


Why startups and investors should work with us

Follow up fundraising

Growth Support Infrastructure For startups

Investment and post investment support for startups and investors

Multiple funding sources

Unique co-investment model

Online Access (Coming Soon)

Honest and friendly approach

Network of vetted investors

Online access to screened investment opportunities

Media, Awards, Press

Some of the funded companies

IT Services

Onfido is an Intelligent Background Checking founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs from Oxford University. We’re a private London-based technology firm with the aim of disrupting the background checking industry. Our team of dedicated engineers, software developers, designers, product specialists and customer service professionals work tirelessly to revolutionise the way companies carry out background checks.

Future Mobile Technology
IT Services

Future Mobile Technology is a young, innovative technology company pushing the boundaries of innovation, quality, design and affordability. Since the inception of the mobile industry, we have produced mobile products (smart phones and mobile tablets) for the cellular industry, partnering with carriers, distributors and retailers to bring affordable, high quality, exquisitely designed products to the market and into the hands of the consumer.

IT Services

Launchpad Recruits’ video interview software is changing the way organisations source and vet talent. Our products integrate seamlessly with your existing recruitment process while boosting your employer brand and helping you find the best candidates as efficiently as possible.

Real State

As the UK’s leading fixed-fee online estate agent, we will provide you with a better estate agency service and at a fraction of the cost


Esplorio is the easy, smart and free way to track and share your travels. Automatically log the places you visit, map your routes with brilliant accuracy, and upload the photos you take into your own private travel journal

Social Media

3D Printeo makes ordering 3D printing services easy. 3D printing providers currently take 3-5 days to “manually” process customer orders. 3D Printeo gives them an instantaneous, automated and “white labelled” solution to analyse an order, produce a quote and book a customer. The company aims to become the global digital enabler for 3D printing orders

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