Startup Growth Services

Outsourcing and buying service is an essential part of every business. We know that startups can't afford to pay much, but they still need good quality services and products. For this reason we developed and selected a range of services that are tailor made to startups needs. They are provided by industry experts at competitive prices so that young businesses can grow.


Every business needs to sell to generate revenue. Whether you’re selling and idea, product, or service, our partners have the knowledge, experience, and team to help you succeed. The sales team can provide your company with: lead generation, sales managers, sales executives, and business development managers.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) is another essential part of the startup that founders tend to forget about when introducing their business; making it easy for other people to adopt - and even steal - their ideas before any traction is gained. Our consultants have years of experience and will educate and help you plan your IP strategy so that your ideas, products, and services will be protected in the UK and the rest of the world.


Insurance is a legal requirement in almost all registered companies. Nonetheless, it is often overlooked, forgotten, or bought online as a checkbox requirement. We will review your insurance policy to make sure that all legal requirements are adequately covered. Further, our mentors will also suggest the best options for your business.

Information Technology

Most startups will be heavily reliant on tech today, but not everyone is able to find a suitable CTO for their company. Use our team for anything from web hosting to app building and monitoring. Even if you already have a tech guy, it may help to get some third party validation on your particular build. Knowing what lies ahead in your I.T. needs will help you budget appropriately and scale your startup.

Human Resources

A full range of human resources services are available. These services include: employment contract drafting, employment law advice, HR policies, case management of HR processes (parental laws, disciplinary, grievance, discrimination, working time, absence, performance etc.), administrative services, recruitment services, document management, absence and holiday software etc. Support packages start from £71.50 + vat per month.

Digital Marketing

Digital presence is paramount in new businesses today and our team can help you to analyze, implement, and monitor a digital marketing plan. In this team you will find experts in marketing, growth hacking, and design.


Would you like structured support from experts on how to create a successful business? And advice on how to avoid the common mistakes of many start up businesses? Our mentors and coaches have a great track record in business and will increase the odds in you succeeding in your own business.


Accounting is an integral part of any business, and unless you have an accountant on your team, no one will be better equipped to understand the intricacies of a startup business. Our team has worked extensively on SEIS and EIS certifications, R&D tax credits, shareholder’s agreements, and even business plans for overseas investment.