Valkyrie Industries Ltd

Augment your touch

Raising £150,000 SEIS/EIS


This is Plant Power 2.0. Protein Blends with Organic Ingredients

Raising £250,000 EIS

Jupiter Diagnostics

Jupiter Diagnostics - Simpler Blood Tests. Faster Results.

Raising £2,000,000 EIS

SFC Angel Fund

SFC Angel Fund - Invest in a portfolio of innovative startups under SEIS/EIS alongside the UK's lead...

Raising £2,000,000 SEIS/EIS


Shoppar - Uses Computer Vision to Capture Customer Engagement In-Store and provide them with a targe...

Raising £200,000 EIS

SFC EIS Growth Fund

Invest in the best performing companies coming out of the SFC stable.

Raising £10,000,000 EIS

Channel Fight

Raising £500,000 SEIS/EIS

Winning Minds

AI Conversation Analysis Software for Business Productivity

Raising £650,000 SEIS/EIS

Superfood Bakery

Superfood Bakery makes delicious gluten-free dairy-free baking mixes and (soon) ready-to-eat snacks.

Raising £250,000 SEIS/EIS


Raising £120,000  

Vortex IOT

Raising £500,000 EIS


ARROE develops technology that allows clothing, footwear and bags to harness and store power to char...

Raising £400,000 SEIS/EIS


Privacy-as-a-Service for GDPR and e-Privacy compliance

Raising £250,000 SEIS/EIS