Startup Funding Club raises funds for food & drink startups Nom Noms and Arctic Power Berries


Startup Funding Club supports the food & drink industry by syndicating £220K into early-stage companies Nom Noms and Arctic Power Berries.


At Startup Funding Club we are pleased to announce we have recently invested £220K into Nom Noms and Arctic Power Berries. The early-stage companies are part of the food & drink sector and have both developed high-quality healthy products. The funds have been raised through our award-winning angel syndicate, strengthening once more its leading position as the most active angel network in the UK.

Startup Funding Club is an eco-system of entrepreneurs and investors active in the UK startup community. We act as a facilitator for startups to get funding and have already supported over 100 early-stage companies.

The SFC team sees lots of potential for Nom Noms and Arctic Power Berries, who have both built very strong and exciting brands:

Nom Noms World Food is a family brand that provides a healthy international inspired alternative to traditional ready meals.  Their aim is to create healthy and tasty ready meals with no added salt or sugar for both children and grown-ups. The company has won multiple awards and works closely with the ‘unlimited food for education’ charity, the Akshaya Part Foundation.

Arctic Power Berries is a London-based health food company run by two Finnish entrepreneurs. The flagship products are 100% pure berry powders made with wild harvested berries from Finland. They have launched their powders at 150 Waitrose stores and are currently developing new berry products.