Startup Funding Club holds its last Investor Event before closing this year’s SEIS/EIS Fund

Startup Funding Club holds its last Investor Event before closing this year’s SEIS/EIS Fund Events

Startup Funding Club showcased five promising startups in its last Investor Event before closing this year’s SEIS/EIS Fund

Last week, Home House accommodated the latest edition of Startup Funding Club’s monthly series of Investor Events. The Mayfair club welcomed a crowd of investors looking for new opportunities to support UK-based startups. Following the initial reception, guests were encouraged to have a seat where presentations were to take place.

For the occasion, Stephen Page, SFC’s CEO, acted as master of ceremonies and welcomed the crowd to the venue. Page was also in charge of introducing Startup Funding Club and introducing the audience to the sponsors of the evening. After the introductions were made, SFC’s Investment Manager, Joseph Zipfel, reminded the audience about the different ways in which they can invest through Startup Funding Club – Angel Investment and Fund Investment – and the tax benefits that can be obtained by investing through SEIS/EIS.

Before handing the microphone back to Page, Zipfel announced that the current Startup Funding Club SEIS/EIS Fund will be closing in early April. This means that any SEIS/EIS investments made before the deadline can claim the applicable tax relief for this tax year. Following this, SFC’s CEO proceeded to introduce the five early-stage companies that were showcasing their businesses that evening:

Vecotech – transforms innovative scientific discoveries into products that tackle some of the world’s greatest insect-related public health problems and generates lasting social impact for communities around the world.

Deemtree – a gift voucher platform for the SME market. Gives small businesses the infrastructure and discoverability to sell gift vouchers online.

Verifeye – a technology-driven visual news agency for freelance journalists and accidental eyewitnesses, helping them sell verified captured content to newsrooms.

The Prosperous Shop – brings enterprise grade analytics with insights to small and medium retailers minus the fuss, minus the expense so that profits can grow.

Speed Freq – developers of the winning combination of technique and power to help athletes perform better and prevent injury.

The candidates gave excellent presentations and enjoyed plenty of attention from investors during the Q&A sessions. Afterwards, the wonderful staff at Home House offered refreshments and canapés to the guests. As usual, the event ran until late, and provided a great opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs to meet and discuss the projects they pitched.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the event, from the amazing team at Home House to the presenters, guests, and our partners:

SFC Bennett Brooks – the quality accounting firm specialised in start-ups.

Stackhouse Poland – providers of insurance solutions tailored to your needs.

We hope everyone had a great time – see you in our next one!

SFC Team