Startup Funding Club celebrates its last Investor Event before the summer break


Startup Funding Club held on Monday its last Pitching and Networking Event before the summer break at NEX Exchange


London, UK, July 2017 – Startup Funding Club (SFC) held its last Pitching and Networking event before the summer break on Monday 10th July. Backed by Withers Worldwide and SFC Bennett Brooks, the occasion took place at a new location, NEX Exchange, London’s junior stock market, and featured five of the latest early-stage companies SFC has worked with. This event also counted with the presence of some special guests from a film crew that is working on a Channel 4 documentary about one of the showcased startups.

Following a brief introduction by SFC’s CEO Stephen Page and the sponsors of the evening, the companies  commenced the pitching:

Enforcd – a young, innovative company that uses technology to aid regulatory compliance.

4Rad – delivers innovative, practical and robust solutions to the Energy Sectors. Helps reduce costs, risks and minimises environmental impact to meet increasing regulatory control.

Tuk In Foods – an exciting new Indian fast food concept which offers a clean and convenient way for customers to buy and eat delicious curries.

MyFutureNow – helps you take better control of your pension and save money by unifying your multiple pension pots into 1 low-cost digital pension account.

Firnas Airways – a new type of airline with a plan to disrupt the market and champion the consumer by offering flexibility, comfort, affordability and innovation.