Since its inception, Startup Funding Club has been involved in over 100 SEIS and EIS investments through its Angel Network and the annual SEIS Funds. So far, SFC has raised and invested over £13m which have been deployed across more than 100 high potential companies operating in various sectors. A number of these investments are already showing strong signs of progress and value creation.


At Ixty we don’t believe in false promises, we believe in hard facts. The fact is 93% of developers price their In-App items incorrectly in over 55 territories; stopping sales and losing revenue. However, the solution already exists and it is conversion by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).

Ixty has created a bespoke pricing matrix combining both PPP data and Worldwide Pricing analysisto generate prices that are right for users wherever in the world you choose to target. Developers have seen a direct increase in transactions and a 400% increase in revenue in developing countries, contributing to a 10% total increase.



Designed to make home improvement easier, 1ROOF is the first online platform in the UK to provide live advice, instant estimates and vetted professionals.

Our mission is to change attitudes and build reputations within home improvement. We do this by providing the public with as much information as possible and professionals with tools to help them do their work.



Onfido is an Intelligent Background Checking founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs from Oxford University. We’re a private London-based technology firm with the aim of disrupting the background checking industry. Our team of dedicated engineers, software developers, designers, product specialists and customer service professionals work tirelessly to revolutionise the way companies carry out background checks.

Our investors play a crucial role in our success; our backers include Oxford University, Isis Innovation and private investors.


123 Gaming

123gaming is a US and UK based developer of innovative gaming technology and products designed to stimulate interest and spend in mainstream, traditional and core wagering products.

Our products increase customer acquisition, participation and spend per head. Deployed via land-based, online and mobile gaming platforms, they all incorporate exciting social and community functionality.

Simple, clean, and fun - 123 branding goes hand-in-hand with our technology and products providing exceptional entertainment value & content with global appeal.


Find Me Health

We are the UK’s first and only independent online comparison and appointment booking site for private healthcare offering choice,convenience and control to the growing number of people who are choosing to self-pay for private healthcare.

FindMeHealth compares prices across the top self-pay private procedures and gives users access to the very latest data from the NHS, Private Hospital sources and  Recommendations direct from Patients.

FindMeHealth.com was founded in 2012 by a team of  Doctors and Internet Experts with over 60 years experience in Healthcare and eCommerce industries.

Our goal is simple – to become the UK’s most trusted online portal for booking healthcare services.



Esplorio is the easiest way to record and share your travels. Why share a moment, when you can share the entire journey?

Esplorio is your beautiful, effortless travel diary. With Esplorio, all your images, content and routes come together in one place. Esplorio will even map out your past travels. Effortlessly create and share trips to show your friends and family where you've been and what you've done. Even share your trips with those who don't have an Esplorio account.



No bells or whistles just a simple healthy snack, low in calories, fat, salt and sugar has been our stated aim since we started the company. Chick peas a rich source of fibre, vitamins and minerals provided our chefs with a perfect base to create a range of savoury snacks.

Although we have put a modern slant on this wonderful snack in terms of flavours, we cannot claim to have invented it. Roasted Chick Peas have been eaten throughout the Mediterranean, North Africa, Asia and the Middle East for hundreds of years.

We are a small team with a genuine passion for our products and customers. Try one of Garbanzo’s different flavours and if you like what you eat, please spread the word to friends and family.



S(u)ave is a cloud based software product that provides the user with better and easier to use information management and information collection. A user selects any content he comes across (with use of Google, Skype, social media, etc.) as relevant - paragraphs, discontinuous text, contact details, video, a diagram or even a tweet. Anything selected is instantly saved and organised categorically on the cloud, without opening any other tool. Everything gets saved/curated and categorised at a centralised location. This all happens through a powerful browser-based technology that tracks the clicks and achieves the task in a simple 1-step process.



Friedemodin is a London based perfume house founded by Nina Friede and Elisabeth Modin. Our brand was born in our local café in Chelsea inspired by the floral bouquet from the flower shop next door. We have always been influenced by the incredible ability a scent has in evoking vivid memories, memories collected from our childhood days through to adult life.

Combining our diverse upbringing and experience with our leading 4th genereration French perfumer Francois Robert, we launch a new contemporary brand based in the traditional roots of perfumery. Unlock your scent…


Numeration Systems

Numeration Systems develops powerful tools in the form of highly granular operational models of complex systems. Our expertise in DEMAND and CAPACITY PLANNING; BENCHMARKING; INTEGRATED CARE and CARBON FOOTPRINT modelling, is reflected in our products and services. These tools offer the potential to identify ways to reduce costs; improve patient experience and lower the impact, of delivering healthcare and wellbeing services. Together with our team of professionals we can make a real difference in the short, medium and long-term to patients, providers and the planet.


In At The Side

Inattheside.com is an online platform dedicated to providing interactive media coverage of: Schools Rugby Union, AASE (Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence), Premiership Academy Rugby, University & College Rugby and International Sevens.