How we work with startups

Startup Funding Club has already helped over 100 businesses by sourcing their first investment and getting support in their early days. We provide funding through our SEIS investment funds and network of private investors based in the UK and coming from abroad. Our preferred model is to combine both types of investment in order to cover the SEIS round. We assist the company in their first years from the first investment round, through follow up funding to Series A.

Selection Criteria

We are working with UK based businesses that are seeking SEIS and EIS funding of up to £500k. Our goal is to find potential unicorns and stars - companies that will solve problems, bring innovation and high return on investment.

  • Great Team
  • MVP/Traction
  • Scalable Model
  • Third Party Validation
  • Clear USP
  • Growing Market
  • Realistic Approach

We work with startups throughout all the stages of their development


We tend to be the very first investors into the business. We provide the seed funding from multiple sources and that's just the beginning of our collaboration with startups


Once the investment is in we support startups in their growth. We advise them and we make important introductions to mentors and providers of crucial business services.


We know that most startups need more investment after the seed funding. Our role is to make them ready for this and to help them in getting new investment

Our process step by step

Online Application

The first step is always our online application form where you provide us with some basic contact and business details and your pitch deck. We normally need between 1 to 3 weeks to assess your application and decide how to proceed. You will always hear back from us: we can either reject your application or invite you to a meeting.

Direct Meeting

Direct Meeting is the second step of the screening process. At this stage we try to get to know you better, your motivation, business knowledge and your background. This is also an occasion for us to ask questions about your company and industry you're in. Within a few days after the meeting you will know if we want to proceed or not and you will receive a detailed feedback.

Due Diligence

If we decide to proceed with your application after the meeting, and you're also interested in working with us, then the next thing is to complete the Due Diligence form that is later assessed by our team. Depending on the results of the DD check, we will suggest the best way to follow.

Introduction to Investors

If we are happy with everything we have seen so far and we feel that your business is ready for funding, we will proceed with the investor introductions. This means: making your online profile available to investors, including your company in our newsletter, presenting at our event, meeting investors directly or getting on the list of SEIS Fund candidates.

Investment and Post Investment Support

Once your company attracted interest from private investors and/or our Fund, we help you close the deal. It normally means a series of conversations where we agree the details and terms of collaboration and shape the final investment agreement. We are still in touch after the investment to help you with the business growth.